Spyfix6 is well-tailored for customers who strive to monitor their Cheating partners or spouse, Spyfix6 has a leading position in the monitoring market thanks to its remote monitoring options.

Let us not forget parents who want to protect their kids online. Online risks threaten, first of all, kids’ sanity. Spyfix6 customer reviews show that this is the main reason why parents use Spyfix6. Among the most dangerous are sexting, contacts with online predators, cyberbullying, tracking online the real-time location, personal information leak, etc.

From the Spyfix6 dashboard parents have the opportunity to track their children online in real-time and step-in in time, the dark social media groups engaging kids in dangerous activities threaten kids’ lives. For example, the Blue Whale Challenge is a huge worldwide calamity circulating via the web. It took more than 130 lives. Its agents operate via social media and look for vulnerable kids.

In brief, you can see the necessary data on the monitoring device. To be aware of kind of content you’ll be able to view, make sure you know all Spyfix6 features in details.

The following are Spyfix6 features:

  • Viewing the whole call history on the target device. The call logs are given by time and dates and contain contact names, phone numbers, time and duration, calls’ type (outgoing, incoming, withdrawn, accepted). This actually provides interesting insights about whom and how often the person calls.
  • Looking through messages, sent and received, and the information behind them. For example, you can view chat list history, names, number of messages. The good news is that you can read the iMessage chat history if the target device is iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If the messages contained the multimedia files, you can always view them as well, even videos. Moreover, you can have them downloaded to your device.
  • Tracking an Android or iOS device remotely. Wherever you can always get detailed updates on the real-time phone’s location. Moreover, you can view the whole route history. This might be extremely helpful in certain cases. Obviously, this is how you get the information about the person’s current whereabouts.
  • Viewing WhatsApp chatting, including history chat history and within groups. WhatsApp is often used to exchange the multimedia files. Thus, this kind of content is also visible remotely to the person been monitored.
  • Watching videos in format of screenshots sequentially following each other as in the video. People are used to filming events from their life and sharing them afterwards. So this feature is very eye-opening, especially when you find out when and where the videos were taken.
  • Viewing contacts from a phone book: You can view names, numbers — any info input in the phone book. Moreover, you can download this info to your own device.
  • Viewing pictures: Any kind of picture ever sent, received via different channels is available to the monitoring person. Moreover, they are delivered straight to the dashboard and can be downloaded as original files.
  • Viewing the Calendar, planned events and their location. This feature is especially helpful for business owners. They can track the employees’ work curriculum. If you find the scheduled events in the Calendar, you can always find their potential location.
  • Looking through the browsing history might be insightful as well. You can look which sites, social media were visited. Also, you can view bookmarks from your device.
  • Monitoring installed apps, especially those leading to the web. If you’re worried your partner has a Tinder account, you can check this out. The installed apps speak volume about the person.
  • Monitoring memos and reminders is also possible. All the notes are given in order. Besides, any multimedia files are available. You can view reminders, listen to recorded files and sync them by time.

In a nutshell, with Spyfix6 you get the full array of monitoring features and able to get the whole picture about the monitored person.

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