Marriage is a relation that links one person to the other in a steady relationship. It is incredible how a paper contract ties two souls in a lifetime partnership. However, this relation may, at times, become filthy if one of the two persons starts cheating (that is what the other person feels). What are you going to do then? Will you spy on your spouse? Well, that is something of interest to all those who are curious to know about their partners.

Many people raise concerns about the importance of privacy in any relationship, especially when it comes to marriage. Although, respecting the privacy of your partner is essential.

Spy on Spouse

However, it is also unethical to cheat your spouse.

If you feel your partner is behaving strangely, yet you do not want to alert your spouse – you must learn how to spy on spouse without them knowing ever.

That is the only way to see the truth.

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Why People Spy on Spouse?

Spying is something that is always considered unethical.

Whether you are spying a stranger, a friend, or anyone in your family, it is always condemned.

Realizing such perceptions, how would you expect that you will be encouraged to spy on your spouse?

Well, instead of convincing others about spying, the thing important here is to find out what compels people to spy on a spouse.

We hear lots of reasons and justifications when anybody gets caught while spying. Some of the common causes include:

  • To see if the spouse has got addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • To know if any wrong people in your spouse’s life may spoil him/her
  • Checking if the spouse is stealing something from the house
  • Suspicion of wrongdoings by the spouse
  • Insecurity
  • Curiosity
  • Possessiveness
  • Dominant or controlling attitude
  • To find something against the spouse that could help in a divorce

Then, the most common reason,

  • Suspected extra-marital affair

So, you see, if you give a hundred thoughts against spying, be ready to hear a thousand reasons (most of them being valid) to justify the spouse spy activities as the answer.

Are there things I should consider before spying on my spouse?

Spying on your spouse can be easy for you.

But what about the trust underlying your relationship?

You begin spying your spouse owing to suspicion of cheating. But, what if you get caught, and you find your spouse innocent?

Won’t that ruin your relationship? How will your mate think of you then?

Practically, spying is an act that cannot be justified unless you have concrete reasons behind it.

So before you begin to spy on the spouse, you must think before, at least twice or thrice, whether you genuinely want to have a check on your partner.

But wait, and think for a moment;

  • Have you thought about where will you take your relationship after you find your spouse guilty?
  • Are you willing to end your relationship with your life partner?
  • Are you ready to forgive your better half?
  • What about the love and trust that once found the basis of your relationship?
  • What made you lose trust in your spouse?
  • What if you find your spouse innocent?
  • What if you get caught while spying? Will you be okay to break the trust of your partner?

And, last, but not the least,

  • Would you like it if you find your spouse spying you?

These are just some of the many questions that you should consider before you begin to spy your spouse right away.

We are not stopping or trying to convince you against spying, but we do want to highlight all those things which you should consider prior setting out for spying.

Is it legal to spy on a spouse?

Though, if you are the one spying your spouse, then you would be longing to hear a ‘yes’ as the answer to this question.

However, the answer is ‘NO’ – I mean, a big ‘NO.’

But, here, the question arises – is cheating legal? Is infidelity permitted? Is it allowed to betray your life partner?

Is it legitimate to be dishonest with your spouse?

Again, the answer is ‘NO.’

Then why do all the debates revolve around the legality of spying only?

Spying was never a legal act, be it for anyone, nor it will be. In fact, spying is an act that violates the laws of individual’s privacy and the rights for personal protection.

Even if you succeed in getting concrete evidence to prove the cheating of your spouse, your act of collecting evidence by spying may lead the case against you in the court.

Hence, before you set out to spy your partner, be ready to face all the legal actions which your partner may take against you.

How to Spy on Spouse Without Them Knowing

Spying is a tricky thing, mainly when you spy your spouse since it is tough to hide your actions from the one who is with you throughout the day.

But, to figure it out whether what you feel is your presumption, a suspicion, or the truth which your sixth sense alerts you about – you have to keep an eye on whatever your spouse is doing.

So, when you have decided to spy your spouse, make sure that you keep your activities secret.

Otherwise, what will be the purpose of spying if your spouse gets to know that he/she is being traced!

Play smart; hire some expert who may guide you about how to spy on your spouse without them knowing, and use only the top spying tools.

Alternatively, you can follow the methods we are listing below to spy your spouse. Indeed, what we list here assures that your actions will remain hidden.

Tactic #1: Try Apps to Spy on Cheating Spouse Cell Phone

The first way to track what your spouse is doing is by tracing his/her cell phone activities. It is evident that the cellphone is the primary way through which your spouse might be connecting with others.

So, here we give a brief overview of a few apps if you want to know how to track a cheating spouse cell phone.

These apps can not only trace the cell phone activities.

Instead, you can also locate your spouse if you get a GPS tracking app installed on your spouse’s cell phone.

Since most of these apps are free to download, you can spy your partner cost-effectively.

Kindly send an email to:


GPS Tracker Hidden

GPS tracking is one of the first spying methods that is still successfully helping to spy on anyone

The GPS Tracker Hidden is a beautiful app that locates anyone without them knowing. The app was specially designed keeping in view the need to spy on a spouse.

GPS Tracker Hidden is freely available on Google PlayStore, and the installation process is also way more comfortable.

You just have to download the app on the desired cell phone, get yourself registered on the company website, and that is all! You can now start using the tracking app to locate your spouse.

The app offers a real-time tracking option that not only empowers you to trace your spouse, but it also helps in locating a lost mobile phone.

The updated version of this app now offers to save all data even in the offline mode, which gets uploaded to the servers as soon as the internet connection is available.

So, if you are in search of a perfect cheaters spy app free, then GPS Tracker Hidden is right there for you.

The only curb with this app is that it currently supports Android only. If you are an iPhone user, this app may not be an option for you.

Couple Tracker Free

As the name depicts, this app is developed specifically for couples – boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.

But it can also be used in any relationship where you need to locate your partner.

The purpose of this app is to stop the partners from cheating.

Couple Tracker allows you to get access to the other person’s texts messages, calls, Facebook and social media activities, and location in real time.

Even deleting the messages or texts won’t help with this app. Hence, you can spy on cheating spouse text messages with ease.

The tracking app is freely available in Play Store. Nevertheless, it also has a pro paid version that enables you to access all the features of this application.

Couple Tracker app is not only a spying app. Rather, it has also played a vital role in building trustworthy relationships via its mutual monitoring feature.

It means that the app needs to be installed on the cellphone of both the partners – and the exchange of information is also a two-way process.

Find My Friends

Most of the tracking apps have been developed to support Android system.

What about the iPhone users then?

Well, Apple has now taken care of its users by adding several useful apps. Find  my Friends is one such app that tells you how to track a cheating spouse iPhone.

Find My Friends is developed with an intention to let the users stay connected with their kith and kin.

It is not a typical spying app. However, it solely depends on the user to exploit this app as a tracker!

With Find My Friends, you get access to the location of the other person via his/her cellphone.

It is a friendly app which you can easily download by convincing your spouse in a positive perspective for connection.

Hence, you won’t ever be doubted as a stalker when you trace the location of your spouse. It is indeed a smarter way to keep a check on your spouse’s location with his full consent!

Tactic #2: Use a Spy Equipment to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Spy Equipment to Catch a Cheating SpouseApart from the mobile applications, you can also try using spying gadgets. These gadgets will assist if you are eager to know how to catch a cheating spouse texting dubiously on the spot.

If you search a bit, you will several spying gadgets typically designed to help spy others. And to save you a lot of time here.

You will usually find these devices with professional spies.

However, you can also use them if you want to trace your partner yourself without involving any third person.

So, here we list a few useful gadgets that can track your spouse without them knowing ever.

We hope you will find suitable spy equipment to catch a cheating spouse from the list below.

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Well, that harmless smoke detector on the ceiling can be an excellent spying gadget for you, only if you wish it to be!

Wondering how?

The Smoke Detector Hidden Camera comes with a rechargeable battery that can work up to 10-hours.

During this time, it records all activities happening in the vicinity.

It has an internal video recorder with built-in memory that saves the video recording.

You can quickly detach it later and plug into your PC to view the recordings.

Spy Glasses

Your spouse will of course never doubt on those eyeglasses harmlessly placed somewhere.

Then why not take advantage of this item as a tracking device?

You can take the spy glasses anywhere, and can just put them in a safe place where your partner is likely to spend time.

Whether you want to spy a room or want to know what your spouse is doing while traveling in a car, these glasses can record everything without alerting your spouse.

GPS Trackers

Once again, you can make use of GPS trackers to locate your spouse. This time, you do not need to take help from a mobile app.

Instead, you can install trackers in the car of your spouse.

You can easily find several trackers that require little or no monthly charges. So, without burdening your pocket, you can trace when and where your spouse goes.

Tactic #3: Hire a Professional

The oldest, yet a violent way to spy on spouse is to hire a professional detective.

send an email to :

Nevertheless, it is a slightly costly method.

At first, you will have to pay the desired fees to the person for spying someone close to you.

Then, you are putting your privacy at risk since you are allowing a third person to trace someone close to you!

Lastly, there always is a risk of disclosure of your spying activities to your spouse.

However, if you genuinely find a trustworthy professional spy, then you may see some concrete proofs of any misconducts by your spouse.

Do I have other options rather than spying spouse?

Alternatives to spouse spying

It is a significant blow to your relationship to find that your partner is betraying you.

No one can understand the painful feeling except the victim. However, bursting out with rage is not the solution.

In fact, any silly or annoyed gesture from your side can worsen the situation, particularly if your spouse is innocent.

Your swift reaction will only prove your distrust to your partner.

Hence, staying calm can help you save your relation.

Your composed attitude will depict your level of maturity and the ability to handle stressed situations.

It is always better to remain cool and analyze the situation sensibly.

That said, there definitely are some alternatives to spouse spying that you can consider. Let’s cover them right below:

Start a Peaceful Communication with Your Spouse

If you are convinced to save your relation, then you must opt for discussion instead of arguments. A little conversation with your spouse may clear much confusion.

Address the matters maturely and wisely. Share what you feel with your spouse. Similarly, show your spouse that you are open to discussion.

Who knows what you suspected could only be your imagination, and your partner would still be sincere with you. Talks may resolve the conflicts and can pave the way for a robust future relationship.

Seeking Assistance From a Counselor

Though many people are not in favor of involving any third person in private matters, consulting marriage counselors gives you the opportunity to view everything from a neutral and unbiased viewpoint.

Similarly, you get a chance to communicate with your spouse in a peaceful ambiance, which you might be missing at your home.

Leverage this opportunity to find solutions to save your relationship. Be open to listening what your partner has to say. Express yourself as being understanding towards the conflicts.

You can also have such discussion personally at home, but the chances are that your conversation may turn into an argument.

However, a marriage counselor can guide you about all the negative and aspects of the situation, the pros and cons of separation, and the merits and demerits of continuing an unwanted, distrustful relation.

You might even realize that things would be better if you had discussed everything earlier instead of trying to spy on spouse.

Wrapping the Spouse Spying Topic Up

As we highlighted at the beginning of this article, spying on your spouse is neither legal nor ethical.

However, there are certain situations where your partner’s suspicious activities might compel you to spy on him or her.

We have strived to gather over here the most useful ways to spy your spouse. And among all of the listed tools for spying on a spouse, Spyfix6 offers the most comprehensive results.

Nonetheless, we still urge you to hire a professional spy.

Still, if you find no other option but to spy on spouse, then this article will help you proceed safely. Good luck!


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